sábado, 19 de fevereiro de 2011

The time has come!

"There is no stopping an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo

The wheels of History are turning again.
We are undergoing massive changes in our world, in the global reality that many held dear and thought to be stable and not prone to mutation.

We hear the cries for freedom getting louder and louder with every passing day.
People start to gather around the idea of a better future filled with new opportunities, a tomorrow where they can pursue what is theirs by birthright: the ability to seize their own lives and follow their own paths.

This is wider and further reaching than many predicted it could be.

It transcends religious beliefs and cultural traditions. It can't be barred at borders. It is not frightened by shouting guns and smoking barrels. It won't be smothered by brainwashing tactics.

The time has come for those who want to make the difference.
The time has come for those who endure forceful hardship to say "I've had enough!".

The People moves at its own pace. Many times it just drags its feet around. But when it speeds its pace up, it shakes the grounds of history like a stampede of fearsome buffaloes.
And its march has started again.

It won't be oppressed anymore.
No curfew, no beating, no gunshot can hamper its relish for change.

And though many lose their lives in the process, the movement doesn't get crippled.
For it is larger than life. For it can always endure the blows it takes...For you can kill the idealists but not the ideal.

This is but a humble statement of principles and a hommage to the peoples of Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrein, Lybia and all those in the wake of this wave of change.

We are witnessing History on the making once more.
When I pass away, let those who stay on this world say that we lived through those events that our sons and grandsons learned about in their History classes. And may we, and especially them, learn from Mankind's mistakes and its attempts, successful or not, to correct them for the benefit of all.

Lets just hope that the wheels keep turning. For the better or worse, we have to let them turn...